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Who Needs a Website?

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As simple as it may seem, the question “Why does your business need a website?” often stumps business owners we consult with.  While its become expected for ‘real’ businesses to have a website, is that enough of a reason to have one?  And while that expectation factors into the need for the website, more important is what does the business owner want to get out of their website? Every website should have a call to action; that is to say, they should cause your customers to act or do something as a result of their visit to your site.
There’s a big difference between wanting a website that directs traffic to a brick and mortar location (think The Sparks Solution Web and wanting a full functioning e-commerce site that incorporates fulfillment and logistics (think Most websites fall somewhere between those two with varying degrees of functionality. With all of the options available, it is crucial for you as a business owner to really understand the purpose of your website and what you want your customers to do once they get to it. Having a defined purpose for your website will save your customers confusion and you money.
On top of making sure your customers are able to do what you want them to do when they get to your website, they also have to be able to find your website (see our posts on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing).
Is a bad website really better than no website?  So you have a low/no cost website and it probably satisfied the need to have a website previously, but as technology has grown, customer expectations of websites are much higher now. Are you able to make the most of your internet presence in today’s world with that same website?
Contact The Sparks Solution for assistance in evaluating your current website needs and update options.

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