MIA no more…. what 2023 is bringing

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What has happened since we closed the store at the end of 2021? We sold our house, sold most of our belongings, bought a 5th wheel and moved to the Deep South. When we make changes, we go big!

“If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored;
If you remove unrighteousness far from your tent,”

Job 22:23

We had time to slow down, reflect on ourselves, our relationship with each other, our relationship with God and how we were currently fitting into the world. We decided it was time to make some big, permanent changes to our lives to work harder at getting closer to God. Without getting into all of the details in this post, we abandoned everything that tethered us to the current society and built a new world.

We are currently building a home, not to be confused with having a new home built, and tending to a large acreage of forest, creeks, waterfalls and trails. This is keeping us more than busy and I will be starting to post some details on a few projects that we are working on.

I will keep this one very brief and will conclude with what is coming up:

  • Floating Dock
  • Post Frame Construction
  • Shop Building
  • Chicken Coop Construction
  • Solar

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  1. Hi Boyd, you came to mind so I decided to look you up. What a journey for you and your family. I’m glad to hear you’ve returned to the Almighty. I know you’ll be richly blessed.

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