Small Business Social Media 101

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Social Media Signpost Shows Information Support And CommunicationBy the nature of social media, the length, approach and content of the posts should vary each day.
General Guidelines for the successful use of social media:

  • Be consistent with the message – we want people to think of your business first when they need something
  • Posts should always be meaningful to your customers
  • Posts should be unique (don’t post the same types of things day after day – customers will get bored/stop paying attention)
  • Customers need to see posts consistently before they start connecting personally with the brand (commit the time to post regularly)
  • Do not post anything that takes longer than 30 seconds to read
  • Include pictures when possible (makes the post more memorable)
  • Engage, engage, engage
    • Use posts to make customers feel like they already know your business before they step into your store or contact you
    • Use posts to make customers feel comfortable and safe working with your business
  • Take advantage of community events and local/national media stories

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