COVID-19 – To open or not to open…

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So shortly after the COVID-19 scare (you know, the one where we were all going to die), we quickly decided to make the move to reopen the front of the store. We made the decision to only do so under the following internal guidelines:

  • Clean the doors and highly touched areas multiple times per day (based on the traffic)
  • Offer masks to the employee we did keep on payroll (up to her to use or not use)
  • Don’t touch or approach any customers, keep our 6′ space when available
  • Ask anyone to leave if they come into the store coughing or otherwise clearly not healthy

We had others, but those were the highlights, the store was going to reopen on a Thursday officially. We decided to unlock the door on Tuesday & Wednesday but leave the open sign off, and only help those that ventured inside.

Since Tuesday, we have had sales everyday, which is a great sign that people want to spend some money and get furniture. Thursday through Saturday sales were great! We were back and off to the races again, it was a great week for us emotionally and mentally! We closed on Sunday and reopened on Monday back to the 7 days a week grind we were in previous to the COVID-19 scare.

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