Time for a Facelift?

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Logo Showing Company Symbol Or Emblem IllustrationWhat does your logo say about your business?
Your logo appears on all of your marketing material including your website and your customers will likely make assumptions about your business based on that logo.  You have probably noticed that the most familiar logos get refreshed periodically, so maybe its time to at least evaluate what your logo says about you to your existing and potential customers?
Is your business brandliquid-logo-space_fJmp9OHd new or you just haven’t got around to designing a logo yet?  Maybe your business has changed direction since you created your logo and now that logo doesn’t fully represent all of the amazing things your company does?  Even if your customers love your logo, do you have it in a current electronic format that is conducive to your electronic media and marketing needs?
Not sure where to start?  The Sparks Solution has a logo development service that can effectively capture the essence of your business while not breaking your budget.  Our logo service will work through as many revisions as you need to get your logo just right.  Contact us for more information.

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