All those pesky reminder emails…

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On a recent weekend morning, we had a client call because they were suddenly unable to send and receive emails. One minute email was working and the next, their customers were getting emails returned as undeliverable. The office ground to a halt as they tried to figure out what was going on (what did we do before email?). Then they discovered their website was also down.
The reminderThoughts of a hacked website or similar technical compromise were being considered after a quick call validated that the server was still up and running fine. Then a call to the website domain registrar determined that auto-renewal was not set-up for this domain and the multiple reminder emails to the client reminding of the upcoming renewal were overlooked so the domain had expired/been shut off.
Less than an hour later, The Sparks Solution had the site re-established and email running again. Let The Sparks Solution keep track of your renewals and prevent similar outages for your small business by providing full hosting and domain registration support.  Contact us for more information.

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