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With fulfillment of the pre-sale orders completing later this week, The Sparks Solution will open MarketMSO enrollment to everyone.  MarketMSO, (Market My Stuff Online) is a marketing focused web application The  Sparks Solution created to support the local #YoungLiving sharing network that can be used by any network marketing group.
The Sparks Solution staff has worked very closely with key local independent distributers over the last several months to develop a solution that includes:

  • Selecting your own domain name
  • Up to 5 personalized email addresses to align with your domain
  • Event calendaring
  • Monthly reporting capabilities
  • Monitoring of site traffic with Google Analytics
  • Blogging capability
  • Mobile device friendly design (see why this is important here)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly design

Thanks to everyone for their support and interest in the design – additional functionality including (spoiler alert!) ready-to-use email campaigns and the ability to manage all of your contacts in one place is already in development and scheduled for release later this spring with a sneak peek at the April 25th BLAST! event.
Have an idea for a web or mobile application to make your work or play easier?  Contact The Sparks Solution to find out what options are available to make it a reality.

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