Responsive Web Design – No Longer "Nice to Have"…

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Google announced in February that it will be changing how mobile device users find your website starting April 21.  They are adding a component to the Google search formulas that will account for whether or not a website is easily usable on mobile devices.  This should help out all of us mobile users that have been needlessly frustrated by mobile unfriendly websites.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

After the Google change, whether or not a website is responsive (mobile friendly) will impact mobile users’ search results.  This means a website that is designed to be responsive will be get a better ranking than non-responsive websites for mobile users (all other things being equal).
Knowing that many of your customers likely use their mobile devices to access your website, its just polite to make the experience pleasant.  Add an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan so they can find you and you have an excellent strategy for making sure all of your customers can find you.
Let The Sparks Solution’s team help you make your website mobile friendly and findable on any device.  Contact us today to discuss options that keep you at the top of your customers’ search results.

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