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The Sparks Solution
Wanted to put a quick update together for our Young Living friends…
We are deep in development on MarketMSO and are still on track for the initial release towards the end of February! We are currently working on the sharing of events with anyone in your downline and it is coming along very nicely! We will work on getting some screenshots together over the next week and get those posted in another update.
We need your help!
We have reached out in every way and format to Young Living in order to get access to the Virtual Office so we can pull data and provide a ton of additional functionality within MarketMSO. We can’t get a single person from YL to get back with us via FB, email, text, cell phones, voicemails…
Please reach out to any contact you have within YL and let them know that MarketMSO is going to be a very valuable tool in helping distributors share YL Oils with the world. The Sparks Solution will go to Utah and meet with YL if we can just get someone on the phone to confirm an appointment.
YL can get us at:
515-987-7789 or through our website:

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