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A quick shout out to a great client of ours, Elizabeth Erin Designs. Jodi and her team are unbelievably awesome, we met Jodi when she helped stage a house we were selling. Her suggestions were amazing, we followed every one to the letter and what a difference it made, simply amazing…
We were then lucky enough to redesign her site to display her portfolio in a more user friendly and responsive way than her old site. We think you will agree that the work displayed on her site is fun to look at and a great source for Pinterest pins!
Her old site was simple but did not show the worldThe Sparks Solution Client - Elizabeth Erin Designs what she was capable of doing, see the pic below of the old site. While it had relevant information, it just didn’t portray the image that they were working so hard to create. We think the new site is great for displaying her work and giving potential clients all of the information they need before picking up the phone to schedule an appointment with her.  Her new site takes advantage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and she is also using Social Media Marketing to supplement her online presence.
Elizabeth Erin Designs
Be sure to check out her new site: and also like her Facebook page at Facebook
If you are in need of interior design or home staging, do not hesitate to use Jodi and her team, you will not regret it!

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