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SEO is not a new, but we receive many questions surrounding it when we redesign an existing website or build a new website. Below we have compiled The Sparks Solutions’ most frequently asked SEO questions:

  • What is SEO?  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how you make your website findable by search engine users. So when you go to Google and enter search criteria that you feel your customers would enter to find you, where is your website ranked in the search results?
    There are some very easy things that you can do that will impact your placement in your search results and not all of them have a direct cost.  Bottom line, though:  SEO is how your customers find you on the internet, so you probably need a plan.
  • Can I do SEO myself? Yes, but to be effective, you will need to understand all of the components that go into your ranking, both on screen and behind the scenes with algorithms used by search engines. There are some great tools out there to help you conquer this task including Google Analytics for reporting.seo
  • What searches will we come up on when you are done with my site? The Sparks Solution will work with you to identify keywords and phrases that are important to your new and existing customers to tailor your SEO plan to meet those needs.
  • Can you guarantee me the number one ranking? Invariably they have either talked with another company or heard an advertisement that makes such guarantees. The quick answer to this question is No. If anyone guarantees your placement in a search engine without paying for ads, they are misleading you.  We work with you on defining what keywords and phrases important to your customers who will be looking for you and tailor your content around those words.  Then we plan the frequency of that content to your goals.  SEO is not a one and done effort – it is an ongoing process that requires planful upkeep.
  • How long before our site is near the top of search results?  If you are actively adding value add content with specific keywords, your results should move each week.  The general trend should be that you are achieving a higher rank with the changes you make, but you may need to tweak periodically. There may be weeks where you drop in ranking, but the point is that you should be checking and adjusting each week.
  • How much does SEO cost? The cost will vary based on your goals and needs. The Sparks Solution can work with you to create an SEO plan that is tailored to your business’s needs, your goals, availability and know-how.  We work with you to create a plan with frequent reviews to make sure the progress aligns with the goals and meets your needs.  Contact us to learn more.

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