Successful Social Media Marketing

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Beyond the technology or tools, at the heart of successful social media campaign is understanding some of the key content guidelines that can mean the difference between connecting with your customers or missing opportunities:

  • In general, the length, approach and content of social media posts should vary each day
  • Your message should be consistent from post to post – customers should think of your business first when they need something you have
  • Post about topics your customers care about or are relevant to themtechnology_consulting
  • Don’t post the same types of things day after day – customers will get bored/stop paying attention
  • Customers need to see posts consistently before they start connecting with your brand (keep your business name in front of them)
  • Do not post anything that takes longer than 30 seconds to read
  • Include pictures when possible
  • Use posts to make customers feel like they already know your business before they step into your store or contact you
  • Take advantage of community events and local/national media stories when it makes sense

Social Media done well can be a valuable piece of your online presence and overall marketing plan.  By committing the time and/or resources to making the most of your social media marketing opportunities, you can take your business’ online presence to the next level.  Let The Sparks Solution help you develop an effective social media marketing plan.  Contact us here.

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