To Mobile App or Not to Mobile App…

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A frequently asked question from our clients is whether or not they need a mobile application for their business.  Mobile apps can be a great way to push specialized marketing to customers who have already demonstrated enough interest in a business to download its app.  However, aside from the general coolness factor that comes from being able to say “We have an app for that”, there are many things to take into consideration when deciding whether or not to invest in developing a mobile application for your business.

Who is the app for?

customer-profile-infographic-vector-template_zkaTNgP_No really, who do you picture using the app?  If you don’t have a clear target market in mind, how do you know a mobile app is the best way to reach them? Many people spend multiple hours each day on mobile devices, but which of those folks are your existing/future customers? How will you motivate your customers to download the app from the app store?  This is an especially critical consideration if you plan to charge for your app.

What Will the App Do?

Examine the functionality of your proposed mobile app. What will be the app’s purpose? What action do you want your customers to take when they use your app?  Related to the first question above, who will find your app useful?  If you’re unable to articulate or explain what your app will do or why its helpful, it may be a sign that you might not need one or you need to rethink what it would be used for. Also keep in mind that once you have the app established and in the app store, you have to keep updating it to keep it interesting and useful.
Responsive (mobile friendly) websites can be a viable alternative for small businesses if the functionality you want to provide your customers does not require mobile functionality (i.e. camera, GPS, biometrics, etc.), you may be able to use your existing or updated website to also reach a mobile audience.
Let The Sparks Solution‘s mobile app team work with you to determine the best way to reach your customers.

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