Why Pay for Words?

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One of the most common questions we get is why would my business pay to have someone create written content including static website content, blog and social media posts?  I mean, everyone can write, right?
Sometimes it comes down to time.  Our marketing gurus can sit down and crank out fabulous, easy-to-read, relevant content relatively easily when compared to the hours it may take us mere mortals to come up with the same content.  It’s practice, know how and sometimes, its just a matter of not being as close to the subject as you are.  They see the big picture concepts that are important to your customers and make sure that those concepts are easy for your customers to find.  And they can do it in the fraction of the time it takes some of the rest of us to create content.
Sometimes content created by our marketing wizs just reads better than the stuff you create on your own because they cut through the million ideas you have and focus on a particular point in order to communicate your message more effectively.  It’s not that they use big fancy words; its that they get to know your business and your customers to understand what’s important for your customers to know about your business.
Our marketing geniuses are also awesome at incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) words into their content.  For example, for my website, my key SEO words are “Des Moines, Des Moines SEO, Des Moines Website Design, Des Moines Hosting Solutions, Des Moines Social Media Marketing, Des Moines Small Business Technology Solutions”.  When we create content for my site, we consistently and conscientiously incorporate my SEO words into relevant posts and content that also help customers find my website on the internet.  (See what I did there?)
After seeing some of the content our marketing folks come up with, I have shifted from the “I can do this all myself” mentality that drives all of us small business owners to “Wow, I don’t think I would have come up with that if I worked on it for days.”  End result is that professionally created content is well worth the investment for many of our customers and probably not as expensive as you think.
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